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Resume writing

Don't wait for opportunity. Let us to create it for you.


Strong resumes are often a sign of higher intelligence. This is your ticket into the job of your choice. You have only seconds to stand out from the crowd and also to provide relevant and correct information to the recruiter. 99% of candidates scorch their chances of job hunt because they don’t take the time to find out what their recruiters are looking for. They write their Resumes based on the qualities that they think are matters. If you don’t research the needs of the companies that you are hoping to work for, then you don’t actually know what you should be including in your Resume. You will be using guess work as the base of your Resume, which will leads to disappointment for you after Rejections. That is why we are here for you. Get a professional resume written by our experts. Our Resume experts are our Writers hold 7-15 years of organizational experience and bring their expertise in delivering value to the customers.

How to write a Resume

Format of Resume matters it shows your sincerity to recruiters . Keep these points in mind while formatting a Resume.

1. Use left margin justification i.e. keep all text in the main body left-aligned.
2. Use a simple font, break the text up and avoid using photos.
3. Simple bullet points under each category head give a neat format.
4. Make it as easy as possible for employers to find the information that they need.
5. For a hard copy print on plain white or cream paper.
6. Ideally 2 pages Definitely no more than 3 Busy recruiters don't have time to wade through lengthy Resumes.
7. Anything from top quarter upwards will be the first thing that readers see upon opening your CV. Make sure its packed with key words that your target employers will want to see, to instantly grab their attention.


Our experts write Resumes according to customers need. Some powerful words they use in resume writing in very efficient way. For example: Enhanced Implemented, Quantified, Strengthened, Upgraded etc.

Pages In Resume
* One-Page Resumes
a. Focused, concise, and uncomplicated
b. Avoids the minor risk that extra pages could get detached Resumes or lost
c.Most commonly used by entry -mid level professionals

* Two-Page Resumes
a. Provides a robust list of experience and achievements.
b.Suitable for very experienced candidates or those with a particularly long set of skills.

* Three-Page Resumes
a. Offers a wealth of information.
b. Risks adding "fluff" or other inconsequential material for the sake of greater length.
c. Suitable for high-level executives, or experienced academics and engineers who want to list their publications or patents.

Contact Details
Save space by keeping short

3-5 lines about yourself Include: Skills, Experience, Industries, Tools

Core Skills
5-6 short bullet points that highlight your main offerings.
e.g. CV Writing, Customer Service

a. Company — Role Title - Dates Start with a 2-3 line Summary
b. List your Responsibilities.
c. Show the impact you have made.
d. Lots of details in recent roles, less in older roles End with some Key Achievements, using facts and figures to really impress employers.

Education & Qualifications
Use Simple list format Include dates and governing bodies
Note: only include the relevant & important information

This part is to show your personal interests and hobbies e.g. sports, charity work, world travel etc.

One More Step

It only takes one mistake for employers to start doubting you credibility and sincerity for work so make sure that you must read your Resume thoroughly at least two times.

Check for the following
1. Grammar mistakes
2. Repeated words.
3. Contact details errors.
4. Spelling mistakes.
5. Messy formatting.
6. Proper printing .

We are here for you. Ask what you need or get a Professional Resume in real time!!

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